40 years of experience

Bredi, with over 40 years of business, boasts extensive experience in the electronic product sector. Because of the constant growth of its presence on the market, Bredi has developed and consolidated direct relations with national and foreign manufacturers.
The evolution of customers’ needs has led Bredi, through its collaborators, to being present in major electronic components manufacturing companies, to be able to make the best selection of suppliers and products, Bredi is able to offer its customers with all the required advice so they can have access to selecting the best and most suitable components for the development and production of their equipment.

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The customers, products and Bredi


are the core of our business and this is the reason we have oriented, with deep interest and focus, to the needs of a local and Italian market.

The staff

is totally dedicated to customer assistance: from searching for the right solution to the timely delivery and product after-sales.


is constant between the products, services provided and customers’ needs.

The products

and solutions we provide come from in-depth research, enriched by 40 years of experience in the electronics sector.

We have recognised and qualified manufacturers, whose essential qualities are professionalism, competence and thoroughness concerning information, as well as a reliable management system.

Selection occurs in accordance with our quality system.

If is essential for us to provide products that can fully satisfy our customers.