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Molded cables and panel cables

Molded cables and panel cables

Co-molding is the point of union and integration between a cable and an equipment, between a cable and a connector or between a cable and an accessory. The plastic covers,

Co-molding is the point of union and integration between a cable and a equipment,between a cable and a connector or between a cable and an accessory. The plastic covers, protectsand sealsthe connector, mechanically fixing it to the cable. Created through aspecialized process that allows maximum protection of important parts ,the connectors are firstly soldered to the cable and, subsequently,placed in a mold which is closed. At this point, the plastic is injected into the cavity surrounding the connector. The end result is a quality co-molded cable with aunique design. Created to protect the connection between cables and connectors, co-molded cables have become omnipresent not only in industrial sectors, but also in the most common applications. To reach a finished product, however, the steps are different.Bredi, with professionalism and efficiency, offers its customers a support service from the conception of the idea, through the analysis and technical tests up to the creation of the finished product.

What are the characteristics of our co-mouldings?

  • Protection from IP54 to IP68
  • Excellent aesthetic result
  • Wear resistance
  • Robust mechanical protection
  • Electrical insulation
  • Bending resistance
  • Creation of effective cable glands
  • Brand enhancement
  • Durability over time
  • UL approved components and materials
  • Effective strain relief, resistant to bending
  • Possibility of EMI - EMC shielding
  • Co-molding of mechanical fasteners
  • Tamper-resistant
  • Different co-molding materials
  • Increased ease of assembly
  • 100% quality and testing
  • Compliance with mandatory environmental regulations


A complete range of cables and panel adapters. The perfect application for every type of need.

USB 3.0 Panel Jack cable with threaded plastic case

Double Jack USB 2.0 cable with fixing flanges and threaded holes .jpg

SNAP-IN co-molded USB 3.0 panel jack cable

Co-molded panel USB cables

Configurable starting from:

  • from single door,
  • double door,
  • panel mounting straight and 90 degrees,
  • USB connectors type A, type B, Mini USB, Micro USB, Type C, USB 3.0, MICRO Type 3.0
  • screw fixing or through hole.
  • length of the cable base, section of the conductors and termination on the opposite side of the panel made according to customer specifications
  • plating (gold plating ) of the connectors

The complete range

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