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GT Contact Wiring Harnesses and Connectors

GT Contact Wiring Harnesses and Connectors

GT Contact is a leading company in the design and production of RJ45, USB, HDMI, D-SUB DC, SNAP IN, magnetic and circular connectors and cables created to work in harsh environments. All

GT Contact is a leading company in the design and production of RJ45 connectors and cabling ,
USB, HDMI, D-SUB DC, SNAP IN, magnetic
and circular connectors designed to work in harsh environments.< /strong>

All GT Contact solutions are made to resist liquids up to a degree of protection IP68 .
The resin coating of the connectors, carried out with epoxy glue,
guarantees total protection of the equipment in any condition.
Available from 2 to 26 contacts.

The various solutions developed are available:

- Panel connectors in different configurations ( PCB - Solder by wire - Bulkhead)
- Co-molded wiring (customizable for length and configuration)
- Assembleable cable connectors (Field installable)

The GT Contact connectors meet the most rigorous standards of TUV, UL/CSA, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
For a safe and reliable connection, ideal for industrial applications.

Signal connectors

Interconnection systems available according to the main standard communication protocols, USB RJ45 and HDMI.

GT Contact Signal Connector

GT Contact Signal Connector

Hybrid connector

GT Contact hybrid connectors allow you to combine power/supply contacts up to 20 A with signal contacts in a single solution.
These solutions they can be very useful for applications that require the management of batteries,
displays for outdoor use, LED lighting systems, Industrial PCs,
naval applications, Lei lighting systems and any other mobile application where a high level of IP protection is required.

Connettore Ibrido GT Contact
< /div>

Circular Connectors

Various solutionsfrom miniaturized to hybrid signal/power connectors.

GT Contact Circular Connectors

Magnetic circular connector

The GT Contact magnetic circular connector is the connection system of the future.

  • Complete possibility of customization, scrupulous monitoring system before, during and post production.
  • It can be used as a power connector
  • Quickness, speed and ease of connection and disconnection
  • Connection system self-centering
  • Does not require coupling mechanisms
  • Cables available in 90°/180° versions with customizable headers and lengths


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