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Choose the right label.

Choose the right label.

Labeling cables and wires Labeling cables is a procedure that allows you to speed up the inspection process and identify problems related to your solutions more quickly. Brady delivers

Labeling cables and wires

Marking cables is a procedure that allows you to speed up the inspection process and identify problems related to your solutions more quickly.Brady offers a wide range of products for identification, tested beforehand in the laboratory and in the field. Resistant to critical environments with extreme temperatures, corrosive liquids, exposure to chemical and abrasive agents. Furthermore, with an automated cable and wire marking procedure, you will obtain a durable and ultra-resistant result to aggressive adhesives and top coats.

Wrap Around Labels

Self-Laminating Labels

Brady offers a wide range of wrap-around labels. Identification of cables and wires permanently or temporarily, adhesion and resistance. Excellent print quality and resistance to extreme temperatures, chemicals and fuels. Self-laminating solutions offer excellent print protection both indoors and outdoors.

Self-laminating vinyl cable labels:

Labels available in white or other colors with a large thermal transfer printable area and an overlamination area, which wraps the label to protect the text from fading and abrasion. For a long-lasting result.

Vinyl Cloth Labels:

A specially formulated top coat surface. Fabric backing. These labels offer excellent thermal transfer, excellent print quality and excellent hold, allowing for clean removal and the possibility of repositioning. Easy, quick, convenient.

Labels for wrapping cables and wires:

Self-extinguishing: they prevent the spread of flames. Fireproof labels particularly suitable for winding of cables and small diameter wires. Their special topcoatle makes them transparent and perfectly readable. THT print quality and excellent chemical resistance. Ideal for high temperature applications.

Flag Labels

Flag labels are a excellent solution when there is a need to write more information or add a barcode. Fundamental for correctly identifying cables and wires.

Polypropylene flag labels:

Extremely flexible material. P and T shape to ensure perfect adhesion to the surface with both the label and the fiber optic.


Flag labels for pre-formatted cables. Two printable areas. The label can be easily folded around the wires to create a double sided.

Cable&Wire Sleeves

Heat Shrink Labels

Quality tubes designed for slide on cables and wires, suitable for all types of applications and industries. Insertion of customizable wording. Resistant to heat, fire, common fuels, organic fluids, lubricants and solvents with minimal smoke emission.


Perfect fit and permanent identification. Heat-shrinkable PermaSleeves are fade-resistant, self-extinguishing and stain-resistant. Shrinkage ratio: 3:1A well-rounded design.


Made of halogens. Flexible. Heat-shrinkable and flame-retardant polyolefin tubing. Fire-fighting properties and minimal smoke emission. Shrinkage ratio 2: 1.

Diesel resistant sleeves:

Available in yellow (other colors available on request) and printable thanks to the thermal transfer. Developed for use in applications that are exposed to organic fluids, common fuels, lubricants and solvents. Shrink ratio 3: 1

High temperature heat shrinkable:

Completely flame retardant and heat resistant up to 225°C. Made of PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) and also suitable for applications with low outgassing. Shrinkage ratio 2:1

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