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BREDI meets the Japanese supplier YOKOWO

BREDI meets the Japanese supplier YOKOWO

The new General Manager of Yokowo, Mr. Fumiaki Ishibashi, will visit BREDI on 9, 10 and 11 April 2024. We will meet some historic BREDI customers and we want to take advantage

The new General Manager of Yokowo, Mr. Fumiaki Ishibashiwill visit BREDI on 9, 10 and 11 April 2024.

We will meet some historic BREDI customers and we want to take advantage of the opportunity to create new connections.

As? Providing two free slots for the first two customers who request them.
Hurry, one of these could be yours:< /strong>


On the occasion of a business trip to Europe, in less than a month we will have the pleasure of welcoming our Japanese supplier of pogo pin connectors (Spring Connector ®) and antennas YOKOWO.

1922: foundation of the multinational in Sumida (Tokyo);
1981 : the company arrives in Europe after opening numerous branches in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore following the listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange;
2009 : meeting between BREDI and YOKOWO;
2022: BREDI is the official YOKOWO distributor for the Italian market

The relationship between the two companies is strengthened year after year on both sides:

The meticulous attention to detail and the supplier's attitude aimed at offering high quality products and perfectly functional with respect to the application of reference, they fit perfectly with the historicity of BREDI, which has now been on the Italian industrial electronics market for over 40 years.


< p id="">Turnover of 77.962 million Yen (equal to over €477 million)

Headquarters in South East Asia, 8,304 employees across the entire group and presence in America and EuropeMulti-certified ISO and OHSAS (Quality, Environmental, Medical Devices, Information Security, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems)


New YOKOWO catalogue:
pogo pin connectors and two-piece connectors

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Bredi Booklet: solutions for industrial electronics:
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