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Brady Timer

Brady Timer

Innovative solution to show the time remaining until the inspection. • It's time for maintenance • The new BRADY inspection timer clearly shows when to carry out the next scheduled maintenance intervention

Innovative solution to show the time until inspection.

• It's time for maintenance •

The new BRADY inspection timer, shows clearly when to run the next

scheduled maintenance intervention with 7 days notice.

Each version is equipped with LED dark green, light green, yellow and flashing red indicating various states,

from recently inspected equipment to potentially uninspected equipment safe.

• Review and reset •

Once the inspection is complete, reset the timer to be ready for the next inspection. Protection ratingIP65, Created to ensure that itwithstands harsh industrial environmentsincluding water,

dust, extreme temperatures and more.

To keepinspections top of mind in every environment.

• Easy and practical •

The Inspection Timer can be easily applied to a Brady Scafftag. At the end of the 7 day inspection interval, the timer can be reset until the battery runs out (over 1 year autonomy).A battery charge status indicator continuously shows the remaining autonomy.

• Saves lives •

Unlike other solutions, the colored LEDs of the scaffolding inspection timer are visible from afar

and actively attract the attention of operators and other personnel .

A scaffold with inspection timer helps you comply with maintenance schedules required by laws and regulations.

It optimally supports maintenance interventions.

• Not what you're looking for? •

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Lock Out-Tag Out

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