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BRADY: Cable Identification

BRADY: Cable Identification

B-348 public transport plate The B-348 public transport plate allows you to identify, with the help of cable ties, thick cables and cable bundles in buses and railway vehicles.

B-348 public transport placard

The plate for public transport B-348 allows you to identify, with the aid of cable ties, thick cables and bundles of cables by busandrailway vehicles. The plate, available in 4 formats, is compliant with the most restrictive regulations regarding underground public transport.

You will be able to print large volumes of plates for public transport with a desktop printer, or use a portable printer Brady in the field to quickly label unidentified cables.

View documentationQuickSleeve, the tube applicator

QuickSleeve is a multipurpose tool that allows you to apply the tubes in a fast, efficient way strong> and ergonomic. An applicator that will allow you to easily pick up a tube, insert a cable and apply the tube by sliding it onto the cable. Cable sleeves are a flexible identification solution that can slide along the cable until heat-bonded into place.

Ability to print on site

Ability to print on site

strong> which obviates the need to transport large volumes of pre-printed identification labels.

View videoBBP33. Print cable tags hassle-free

The BBP33 label printer can print on 4 types of labels to identify cables and cable bundles.

Thanks to theself-calibrationand automatic label setup, the ability to replace consumables in 20 seconds and theimpressive rangeof materials to print on, the label printer The BBP33 truly offers a hassle-free printing experience. A complete range of solutions for the identification of cables, including labels, tubes and tags, which can also be used for the identification of products, laboratory materials, safety, premises and Lean.

You can also easily design your own tag with Brady Workstation's custom Designer app or other apps available separately or in the Wire Identification Suite and in the Product identification suite, all free for the trial period.

View documentation

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