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Board to Board 0.4mm

Board to Board 0.4mm

ACES board-to-board connectors offer greater reliability for industrial applications, rugged and flexible 0.4mm connectors offering designers greater reliability. Fully shielded connectors

ACES board-to-board connectors offer greater reliability for industrial applications, robust and flexible 0.4 mm connectors which offer designers greater reliability.Fully shielded and polarized connectors, ideal for blind mating, ideal for:- Miniaturized and portable devices- POS and banknote payment management- Measuring instruments- Wireless- Cards embedded

ACES connectors are available in vertical orientation with number ofpoles from 10 to 90and with differentheight options.Available both male and female.- Fully protected and polarized, ideal for blind mating- Surface mount design on tape and reel- Also ideal for industrial automation- Positioning PEGs that improve position before and during soldering - Skipable side fins for mechanical reinforcement - Soldering temperature 260 °C (reflow)Product No HFTypePitchPCB MountingOperation DirectionProduct HeightBTB HeightMated With HFDownload50010-xxxxx-xxxRcpt.0.4SMTD/R S/T2.072.1550185Spec_HFFile2D_HF50011-xxxxx-xxxPlug0.4SMTD/R S /T1.64251049Spec_HFFile2D_HF50009- xxxxx-xxxRcpt.0.4SMTD/R S/T1.92250185Spec_HFFile2D_HF50177-xxxxx-xxxPlug0.4SMTD/R S/T2.33.550180Spec_HFFile2D_HF50180-xxxxx-xxxRcpt.0.4SMTD/R S/T3.23.550177Spec_HFFile2D_HF50185-xxxxx-xxxPlug0.4SMTD/R S/T1.14Free Height50009/50010/51049Spec_HFFile2D_HF51015-xxxxx-xxxPlug0.4SMTD/R S/T0.630.951016Spec_HFFile2D_HF51016-xxxxx-xxxRcpt.0.4SMTD/R S/T0.870.951015 Spec_HFFile2D_HF51023-xxxxx-xxxPlug0. 4SMTD/R S/T0.831.051024-xxxxx-xxxSpec_HFFile2D_HF 51024-xxxxx-xxxRcpt.0.4SMTD/R S/T0.971.051023-xxxxx-xxxSpec_HFFile2D_HF51033-xxxxx-xxxPlug0.4SMTD/R S/T1.191.551034-xxxxx-xxxSpec_HFFile2D_HF51034-xxxxx-xxxRcpt.0.4SMTD/R S/T1.421.551033-xxxxx-xxxSpec_HFFile2D_HF51049-xxxxx-xxxRcpt.0.4SMTD /R S/T1.34Free Height50011/51085Spec_HFFile2D_HF51167-xxxxx-xxxPlug0.4SMTD/R S/T0.650.851168Spec_HFFile2D_HF51168-xxxxx-xxxRcpt0.4SMTD/R S/T0.770.851167Spec_HFFile2D_HF

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