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Automatic labeling of electronic cards

Automatic labeling of electronic cards

Label your electronic boards Precise traceability of raw materials and finished products across all manufacturing processes can increase production efficiency, open new markets and attract more

Label your electronic boards

Precise traceability of raw materials and finished products across all manufacturing processes can increase production efficiency, open new markets and attract more customers, offering a series of competitive advantages. Enable automated traceability.

  • More product quality control
  • More product safety
  • More protection of reputation and of the brand
  • Fewer counterfeit components
  • Less production process costs
  • Less warranty costs
  • Less product recalls
  • Compliance with legal provisions
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements




The ALF14 label feeder is equipped with adapters for the most common "pick and place" systems SMT(Surface-Mount-Technology): An extremely flexible tool withfast setup times. The fully automated label guiding systemand the label feeder's fast sensing and dispensing operations are designed to meet the needs of modern picking equipment /strong>. Its compact design minimizes clutter.

  • Easy loading and label configuration
  • Fast detection and label distribution
  • Easily adjustable liner width to avoid downtime
  • Compatibility with a wide range of label sizes
  • Compatibility with a wide range of "pick and place" machines
  • Easy integration thanks to its compactness
  • Great resistance
  • Easy interfacing of signals to ensure compatibility with the "pick and place" machine
  • Great reliability with electronic board labels

The B-7727 polyimide electronic board label proposed by Brady is specifically designed for automatic application. The APL (Auto Apply Label) range of specialty labels has a smaller liner width and works with a smaller printing ribbon to ensure maximum compatibility with automatic application systems. The B-7727 material can withstand temperatures up to 300°C, as well as the harsh chemicals and cleaning processes used in electronic board assembly and the manufacturing of equipment and components strong>.

  • Extraordinary compatibility with automatic application systems thanks to the smaller liner width
  • Great positioning accuracy and high availability rate
  • Lower risk of adhesive leakage
    < li id="">Aggressive/extreme washing and cleaning applications
  • Label placement on both sides
  • Surface or "Trough-hole" mounting
  • High temperature resistant (300° C)
  • Great readability, even after exposure to chemicals
  • Good performance with wave reflow soldering and board washing
  • Abrasion resistance
  • On-site printability
  • Pre-printed label available

By combining the ALF14 label feeder with the BradyPrinter i7100 using the reliable range of "APL" polyimide labels proposed by Brady for the traceability of printer circuit boards, you will have an extremely flexible solution for the automation of labeling in SMT printed circuit board production lines. The BradyPrinter i7100 can print labels on site with extreme precision and accuracy before loading them into the ALF14 for automatic feeding to a wide range of compatible pick & place machines.

  • Suitable for high production volumes
  • High performance
  • Ultra-sharp printing at 600 dpi
  • Centering of prints for extreme precision
  • Printspeed of 300 mm/sec
  • Reliable and secure: label printing for accurate identification applications
  • Versatile: capable of printing a wide range of industrial identification solutions for specific customers
  • Time saving
  • No prior training for use

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